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Please note that we are an alternative payment platform and can only help you resolve transaction problems. We do not provide support for games or apps. If you are having problems that do not involve a transaction, please contact your game or app's support team.

Please choose one of the following questions:

Please return to the website or game that offered the currency and access the offer wall again. The offer wall contains a Help or Support link that allows you report problems with any offer you have clicked. We need you to use this form because our normal support form cannot identify you.

For example, CityVille displays our offer wall when you click a "Earn City Cash" tab (other games will do something similar):

Once you are in the offer wall, click the Help or Support link at the top right:

The offer wall's help page contains a See My Offer Status link. Click the link to see all the offers you have clicked on in this game:

Locate the offer you are having trouble with and click the "report a problem" link beside it (if you don't see the offer, try selecting another game in the dropdown):

If you can't locate the offer in question, please click "Contact Support" at the bottom of the offer list...

... and in the new page that opens, select "I have other questions":

If your order was unsuccessful but you see a charge on your credit card statement, the charge is most likely a pre-authorization. Pre-authorization charges are simply holds for the authorization amount, and will be released in 2-3 days.

If you try ordering again, please verify that your credit card information is accurate before submitting our order.

Sales are final once the credits have been successfully delivered to an account. If an unauthorized purchase has been made with your card, please contact the TrialPay support team.

Some advertisers use your credit card to validate information you submit, and some use it to renew your service if you decide to buy it after your trial period ends.

Our game developer partners choose which payment methods to offer. If you do not see a specific payment method in a game's TrialPay payment window, the game developer does not accept that form of payment.

Please note: To receive credits by completing an offer, you MUST access the offer through the game's TrialPay payment window, not through other means.

We show offers based on various demographics such as region, account history, reward amount, or time of year. The offers you see when you first access a game's TrialPay payment window are all the offers specifically available to you.

To copy and paste text:

1. Place your cursor at the beginning of the text you want to copy.

2. While holding down your left mouse button or touchpad button, drag your cursor to the end of the text. This should highlight the text.

3. Press the CTRL and C keys at the same time (Command and C keys for Mac users). This copies the text to your clipboard.

4. Place your cursor where you want to paste your text (in a new document, for example).

5. Press the CTRL and V keys at the same time (Command and V keys for Mac users). This inserts the copied text.

If you clicked an offer and are not taken to the advertiser's Web site, the offer may be expired, or experiencing technical problems. You will not receive credit if you bypass your game's TrialPay payment window and complete an offer. In order to receive credit, you must click the advertiser's offer in the TrialPay payment window and complete the offer in the new window that appears.

Please check your junk mail or SPAM folders. If your confirmation e-mail is not there, you'll have to contact the advertiser directly and request a new confirmation e-mail. We can't help you get your credits without a confirmation e-mail.

Unfortunately, we cannot credit the difference between past and current reward amounts.

If you did not receive credit, the advertiser determined that you did not satisfy the offer's requirements. Because of this, we CANNOT issue you a manual credit.