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No, selecting a coupon or offer does not sign you up for anything. We only use your email address to send you your coupon and an expiration reminder. Your email address will never be marketed or sold.

No. There are no charges associated with accepting a coupon or deal, and TrialPay does not have your credit card billing details.

Our coupons and offers are available for a limited time based on requirements set by our coupon partners. We provide you with the expiration date so that you will be able to use your offer before it expires.

Unfortunately, we can only provide access to the offers immediately after your transaction. Please look for us again after your next purchase!

Did you follow the instructions we emailed to you after you selected your coupon or offer? If you did and are still having trouble, please contact our Coupon Support team at

TrialPay is unable to provide refunds or partial refunds as we did not process your payment. Please contact the support team for the site at which you made your purchase. The merchant's contact information should be at the bottom of your coupon email.

We are unable to exchange one coupon or offer for another. Coupons and offers are only available immediately after your transaction. Sorry for the inconvenience!

There may be a temporary connection issue with the offer, in which case we recommend checking back in a few hours. If you continue to see this error message, it typically means that the offer is no longer available or is not available in your region.

The coupon or offer may have expired, you may be entering the code incorrectly (try copying and pasting it instead), or entering it in the wrong form field. Please note that gift certificate codes should not be entered in promotional code forms, and vice-versa.

Additionally, if your email includes a redemption link, please make sure to use the link rather than going to the coupon provider's website directly.