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TrialPay is the only payment method that lets you get a free product with every purchase. For example, you can get free movie tickets when you send flowers, buy clothes, or sign up for a DVD rental service. Just try or buy an offer from one of our name brand partners — we'll charge the partner a referral fee and use the money to pay for your product.

You can even get great coupons as a reward for purchasing from one of our partners, like $10 off new shoes or 20% off flowers.

TrialPay lets you pay for products from more than 7,500 online sellers by completing an offer from your favorite brands. TrialPay matches you with ideal offers from our partners and pays the seller using money from the selected partner. For example, if you sign up for a DVD rental service to get a free movie ticket from a movie site, the DVD rental service provider will pay for your free ticket. All parties benefit from this deal. The movie site makes more sales, the DVD rental provider acquires a new customer who is already interested in movies and you get a free movie ticket. So while this offer sounds too good to be true, it's actually in everyone's best interest—and it's just as good as it sounds. TrialPay makes it happen.

Yes, you get your initial product for free when you try or buy an offer from one of our partners. The advertising partner you transact with pays for your free product. For example, you could get a full license to a software product for free by buying clothes from one of our retail partners—and the retailer will pay the software company for the license.

The terms of each offer vary from totally free to paid or subscription services. Regardless of the offer terms, your initial product and the TrialPay transaction are always totally free. And TrialPay's customer support is free, too.

TrialPay is a payment method just like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Google Checkout and Bill Me Later. Except with TrialPay, you get a free product with every purchase.

No! If you selected a software product, you get a full, free license. The name "TrialPay" comes from the idea of buying one thing by trying something else. You pay for your free item by trying one offer from some of the most respected companies on the Web.

No. TrialPay specializes in letting shoppers get smaller goods and services online (software subscription, membership to a dating site, etc.) for free by completing one offer through premier brands. TrialPay does not sell cars, houses or any other large-ticket item. If you have questions regarding the validity of an offer, please contact our support team here. If you do find an advertisement for a TV, house or anything else out of the ordinary supposedly being sold by TrialPay, please let us know. We will make every effort to have the ad taken down.

When you entered your name and email address to get a product for free, TrialPay sent you a one-time reminder email. This email includes a link that allows you to return any time to get your selected product for free. You have not been subscribed to any additional email communications from TrialPay.