Patent Portfolio

TrialPay pioneered the offer-based payments model. From the first year of its existence TrialPay has sought patent protection for its innovations. To date TrialPay has been granted four patents from the U.S. Patent Office. We're pleased that each of the named inventors on our issued patents remains actively engaged as a TrialPay employee.

Our issued patents relate to TrialPay's offer-based payments platform, which enables consumers to obtain virtual currency, digital goods, and other items by engaging with one of TrialPay's advertising partners. The specifics of the TrialPay patents are as follows:

*For complete copies of TrialPay's issued patents please visit the U.S. Patent Office website by clicking on the Patent Title listed above.

TrialPay continues to invest in development of a broad patent portfolio. We have pending applications that would extend our patent portfolio beyond the fundamentals of our ad-funded payment platform into many key elements of our most successful and most promising transactional advertising products.

TrialPay's current issued patents and our pipeline of in-progress patent applications solidifies our position at the forefront of the transactional advertising market. We will update the information on this page with additional detail as more patents issue in the months ahead.