About TrialPay

TrialPay makes transactions more valuable.  Through a leading value-exchange platform, millions of consumers can engage with premium brands as an alternative payment method across thousands of mobile and web apps. Acquired by Visa in 2015, TrialPay continues to innovate around commerce and offers with powerful technology that bridges the gap between online behaviors and in-store transactions.  With an emphasis on partnership, TrialPay is trusted by industry leaders to help drive sales, loyalty and engagement.

600 million users
20,000 Publishers
7,000 offers
180 countries
14 languages
6 mobile platforms
4 patents
TrialPay revolutionizes online payments with backing by Index and Battery Ventures.
TrialPay reaches 15MM users, with placements on 80% of major download sites.
TrialPay signs with Facebook to power their entire earned economy.
$40MM secured from Visa, Greylock, and T. Rowe Price. TrialPay opens office in Berlin.
Visa acquires strategic license of TrialPay’s technology to enhance the world of payments and offers.
TrialPay launches the world’s first offer wall.
The offer wall is introduced on Facebook apps.
Developers earn $200MM through virtual currency transactions on the platform.
TrialPay strengthens its mobile presence by expanding partnerships with Zynga & Kabam to their apps.
Visa acquires TrialPay.

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