Monetize your app with TrialPay

Create a better user experience and drive more revenue with TrialPay monetization solutions. With a variety of opt-in and native placements through either our Evergreen SDK or Native Offers API, keep your app clutter free, and your users engaged.


Your app looks good, the ads should too.
Control how offers are integrated in your app and how they look.


Increase engagement and LTV with new and loyal customers for all users in app. Reward actions like leveling up, or checking in with our premium coupons and deals.


Keep your customers coming back. Subscription services dramatically increase LTV over standard IAPs. With TrialPay, users can experience their first month for free, sponsored by one of our brand advertisers. This exposure to your service helps convert them into long term, paying customers.


Say goodbye to banner ads. Our interstitial placements allow you to engage users at key moments without giving up real estate for your content.  

Integrate the way that works for you

Evergreen SDK

Combine leading monetization tools and direct advertising partnerships with flexibility to work seamlessly with your existing ad partners.

Native Offers API

Simple integration with access to premium brand advertisers.

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