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Every software company encounters the same problem: low conversion rates from free and trial versions. TrialPay helps software publishers turn free and trial users into paying customers by giving users thousands of ways to pay through their favorite brands. Best of all, TrialPay is complementary to your underlying e-commerce platform and free to use—we pay you!


Bonus! Sell 75 units within 90 days and earn an additional $1,000. Details

Who Uses TrialPay?

  • AVG
  • Lavasoft
  • Winzip
  • LimeWire
  • Corel
  • Avira
  • Trend Micro

How It Works

Customers pay for your software by sending flowers from FTD, buying clothes from Gap, subscribing to Netflix or choosing from thousands of other offers from blue-chip advertisers.

The advertiser (FTD in this example) pays for your software when the customer completes a transaction.

You instantly earn new revenue from your current traffic and user base simply by providing a more compelling way to pay.


  • Instantly increase sales by providing compelling payment options
  • Convert more trial and free users into paying customers
  • Free to use and complementary to your current e-commerce platform
  • Reactivate lapsed users by offering free renewals
  • Partner with blue-chip advertisers and boost your brand by association

How TrialPay Performs

See the Lavasoft case study for real-life results from an industry-leading software publisher.

  • More than 5,000 additional units sold through TrialPay each month
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue

See what The New York Times had to say about TrialPay!

Get Started

  1. Create your free account (takes 2 minutes)  
  2. Set up your product (takes under an hour)
  3. Start selling!

Add the TrialPay payment option to your site, in e-mail campaigns and within in-product messaging and nag screens to instantly increase sales.

Bonus: Earn $1,000

If you sell 75 units within 90 days of setting up your product, you can earn an additional $1,000.

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