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The Original Offer Wall

Monetize more users by allowing them to earn virtual currency through offers. Since introducing the first offer wall in 2006, we've maintained the broadest offer selection to ensure the highest revenue for you.

  • Direct-Sourced Campaigns — We've focused on building direct advertiser relationships, which means we secure payouts and promotions that our competitors can't match.
  • Offline Spending — 90% of consumer spending occurs offline. With Yub, the card-linked offers platform, you earn more when customers shop and eat at their local retailers. Learn more here.
  • Custom Brand Engagements — We work with big brands that your users know and love to build engagements designed specifically for our in-app flows.
  • Unmatched Video Inventory — Our extensive partnerships with video providers enable you to obtain top eCPMs and fill rates on both web and mobile.

All Eyes On DealSpot

DealSpot is the leading in-game dynamic promotional framework. Integrate a custom-designed icon or interstitial on your app's main page to reach more users and access higher advertiser payouts.

  • Increased Engagement — Our prominent touchpoint matches the look-and-feel of your app to encourage interaction from users seeking to obtain virtual currency or in-game items.
  • Effective Targeting — Maximize revenue with TrialPay’s sophisticated optimization engine, which ranks and rotates offers based on user attributes and seasonal opportunities.
  • Space-Efficient — Deals are dynamically rotated through the display, making good use of screen real estate and preventing clutter.
  • Simple Setup — With TrialPay’s single integration solution, you set it up once, and we’ll do the rest!

TrialPay's Mobile Advantage

TrialPay is the only offer provider that never requires a user to leave your app. We support all the major platforms and operating systems so that you're covered regardless of your choice.

  • Improved User Experience — Monetize users without disrupting gameplay! Players can access hundreds of offers without ever leaving your app.
  • Easy Integration — Our cleverly designed SDK is lightweight and easy to implement. Your campaign is ready to launch within hours.
  • Device Optimization — You integrate just once, and TrialPay uses device recognition to tailor display for both mobile and tablet devices.
  • Developer Tools — We provide you with open-source files and access to real-time metrics about offer activity on your campaign.
  • Industry Expertise — We've been a major force in monetizing social games, and we’d love to help you reach your goals, too. Contact us at to chat.

Check out the other ways TrialPay can get your app to the finish line.

Offer Mediation

Streamline multiple ad partnerships into one seamless flow to increase your revenues and decrease your operational costs.

  • More Revenue — With TrialPay, you actually can have it all. We aggregate multiple campaign sources to help you increase conversion.
  • More Insight — Take advantage of real-time performance reporting, live support, and a library of documentation for both advertising and publishing partners.
  • Less Hassle — Dynamically feed direct-sourced and third-party campaigns through our platform and eliminate the need for integrating, managing, and monitoring multiple partners.

User Acquisition

Acquire quality users and achieve affordable growth for your app on Android, iOS, Facebook and the web.

  • Targeted Growth — Specify the type of users you want to acquire to ensure your outreach efforts are ROI-positive.
  • Custom Campaigns — Select one or multiple campaign types to best fit your acquisition needs, including engagement (CPE), install (CPI), and video promotions (CPV).
  • Extensive Reach — Access hundreds of millions of active gamers through TrialPay’s vast network.

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