Kagi Partners With TrialPay to Increase Merchants’ Sales

Kagi, a pioneer in the e-commerce space for over a decade, continues to provide cutting-edge payment options and conversion tools for its storeowners by partnering with TrialPay, a leader in alternative payment methods. Kagi has integrated the TrialPay payment option into its e-commerce platform, providing its broad merchant base the opportunity to improve conversion rates and increase online sales by 15 to 100 percent.

“TrialPay pairs customers with ideal offers from their favorite brands, increasing a customer’s willingness to pay,” said Alex Rampell, co-founder and CEO of TrialPay. “With thousands of ways to pay from brand-name advertisers like American Express, Gap, eBay and Real Networks, there’s an offer for every customer.“

The TrialPay platform dramatically boosts conversion rates by ensuring that every customer can find an offer that compels him or her to complete a transaction. For example, if a customer cannot be convinced to pay for a software title, he or she could send flowers from FTD, sign up for Blockbuster Total Access or fill out a GEICO auto insurance quote—and get the software for free. Advertisers pay a bounty that equals or exceeds the merchant’s regular price, creating a profitable transaction out of a stalled or abandoned cart. With TrialPay, advertisers acquire new customers, merchants generate revenue from lost or unlikely transactions and customers get their products for free.

“We believe in providing choices to consumers, and TrialPay embodies this principle,” said Vicki Thomas, Kagi’s COO. “We partnered with TrialPay to ensure that the Kagi cart remains best-in-class by offering customers compelling ways to complete their transaction and providing our storeowners with the latest and most effective tools to increase sales.”

Through this partnership, Kagi features TrialPay as a direct-payment option in their cart and encourages storeowners to add TrialPay messaging on their existing site and throughout their marketing campaigns. Using TrialPay, Kagi merchants can win back customers whose subscriptions have lapsed, convert trial users into paying customers, dramatically reduce cart abandonment, prevent software uninstalls, entice customers to upgrade from basic to premium product levels and increase the effectiveness of e-mail campaigns—all by offering their product for free to the customer while getting paid by the advertiser.

“With more than 3,000 premium merchants and a reputation as an innovator in the e-commerce industry, Kagi represents the ideal partner for TrialPay,” said Rampell. “This partnership allows thousands of Kagi merchants to increase sales and grow their customer base by accessing TrialPay’s network of brand-name advertisers. We are delighted to have Kagi as a partner.”

Kagi merchants and anyone else wanting more info on the TrialPay platform should visit https://merchant.trialpay.com/register/.

About Kagi

Kagi, a pioneer in global e-commerce services founded in 1994, provides a fully outsourced online store solution, allowing businesses to sell products easily and profitably worldwide. Kagi enables software authors, content providers, and physical goods vendors to expand their businesses online and reach more customers. Offering a comprehensive online store solution, Kagi services include hosted order page and shopping cart software, worldwide payment processing, tax management, affiliate support, customer care, buyer care, and fraud prevention.

About TrialPay

TrialPay unites advertisers, merchants and customers to create the first payment platform that benefits all parties. Using TrialPay, merchants turn lost and indecisive customers into paying customers by giving away their product for free when a customer completes an offer from blue-chip advertisers like American Express, Gap, eBay and thousands more. Advertisers pay a bounty that equals or exceeds the merchant’s regular price to create a profitable transaction out of a stalled or abandoned cart. TrialPay ensures that every customer can find an offer that compels him to purchase by pairing premium brands with the added incentive of a free product. With TrialPay everyone wins: customers get a free product, advertisers acquire new customers and merchants earn significant revenue from “lost” or formerly low-value customers.

TrialPay works with over 2,000 premium merchants, including McAfee, The Wall Street Journal, Skype and other industry leaders in software, games, publishing, online services and retail. TrialPay currently has more than 4.5 million registered users and adds 15,000 new users every day.

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