Introducing Evergreen

Evergreen combines TrialPay’s industry-leading monetization tools and direct advertising partnerships with the flexibility to work seamlessly with your existing ad partners. All that power in one lightweight SDK.

Evergreen Offer Wall

There are a lot of offerwalls out there: work with the best. TrialPay has the broadest set of categories, along with unique in-store offers and brand new in app commerce. Enable users to unlock premium content in your game or app without having to leave your experience.

Ideal for: Gaming, Dating, Photography, Organizational, and Commerce Apps

Evergreen Bridge

Keep working with video partners you love, while adding inventory at the same time!

Evergreen Bridge aggregates videos from over a dozen TrialPay partners. With the ability to extend that seamlessly to include your existing direct partnerships, you’ll never run out of video budget.

Ideal for: All apps

Evergreen Engage

Increase engagement for all users in your game or app. Reward actions for anything from leveling up to checking in with our industry leading coupons and deals. Engage maintains engagement and increases LTV from new to loyal customers.

Ideal For: Gaming, Dating, Social, and Commerce Apps

Evergreen Retain

Keep your users coming back. Subscription services dramatically increase LTV over standard IAPs. Retain enables users to experience their first month for free, sponsored by one of our brand advertisers, and then helps convert them into long term, paying customers.

Ideal for: Music and News Apps

Evergreen Native

Say goodbye to banner ads. Evergreen Native allows you to control how offers are integrated into your app.

Ideal for: Gaming Apps

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About TrialPay

TrialPay is the leader in cross-platform monetization, reaching over 500mm users by connecting thousands of developers with the right advertisers. With Evergreen, the most flexible monetization toolkit, we allow developers to leverage custom solutions and third party platforms to engage and reach the best customers at the right time, driving acquisition, revenue growth, and LTV.

We pride ourselves in developing our partners’ growth with industry expertise and integrity.